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Be Offended
Be Offended II
Be Offended III*
A Thousand Words
Reflections On THAT Emotional State
''Turn that shit off!''
Here And Gone
''What ryhmes with 'Orange'?''
That's Just Stupid
Those Little Things...
Blacwynter / Bitter Scarlet
Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier
Violate Me
The End

That's Just Stupid

The stuff that was SO unbelievably BAD that it didn't even make it onto 'What Rhymes With Orange?'

But who am I to deny S&M urges?

Three cheers for the stupid girl / She got ripped off again! / Ten points for the tragic bitch / Who wallows in her pain! / A warm round of applause / For the Queen of 'Suckered In' / Her heart got broke, she spoke, she'll choke, her memory is thin...
Oh yes...she'll be back...

Take me under take me over take me from behind / Your body is a treasure trove I'll see what I can find / Tie me up and tie me down tie me to your side / Your mind is a deposit box I'll see what it might hide / Tease me hard and tease me soft tease me nice and slow / Your love is like a limosine I'll see if it can go / Touch me here and touch me there touch me fast and light / Your wit is like an iron trap I'll see if it can bite / Turn me off and turn me on turn me inside out / Your kiss is like a stereo I'll see what it may shout / Tell me now and tell me then tell me once tomorrow / Your promises are loan sharks and I can't pay what I borrow

Found the cause of all my pain / Going to set it right / Auction up myself on 'ebay' / I won't be home tonight

I was staring into air / I slid into a fantasy / My daydream was exquisite / As we kissed
I was humming soft and low / I fell into a love song / My melody was enchanting / You and me
I was drawing on some paper / I made a row of hearts / My picture was sentimental / So what?!

The days just seem to fly by
And I'm left with nothing but
Sunday mornings stretch into infinity
Early mornong coffee conveyor
Belt is never ending
Always on the edge of Monday
Waiting for the re-start button
Pressure builds again

His tone was accusing:
"You never said you didn't love me."
Well baby, all you had to do was ask.
His countenance was hostile:
"I couldn't see you faking it."
Sweet heart, next time you'll look harder.
His mind was analytical:
"It's not me, it's you."
I walked out the door and didn't look

You say I'm mean / You say I'm rude / Well too bad, that's my attitude. / You say I'm cold / You say I'm ice / Did I ever claim that I was nice? / You say I'm weak / You say I'm scared / I never pretended that I cared! / You say I hide / You say I run / Now isn't being the victim fun?

The more you ignore
Me I can't help but
Want you
It shakes me to the core
How I fall after all
My efforts not
To lose
It's your name I call
In my dreams it seems
Fate hasn't finished with
Me yet
It puts more distance between
Me and you are too
Clever by half to
Win this
But what can I do
When you burn me in
More ways than