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Be Offended
Be Offended II
Be Offended III*
A Thousand Words
Reflections On THAT Emotional State
''Turn that shit off!''
Here And Gone
''What rhymes with 'Orange'?''
Those Little Things...
Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier
Violate Me
The Real Me
The End
Violate Me

Disgusted? Insulted? Irate? Strangely Turned On?
Send Your Petty Grievances To Moi!

Don't you find this ectoplasmic page design horrifyingly reminiscent of that early nineties movie and its sequal? Or 'silly putty'...remember 'silly putty'? 'B' movies and strange childhood amusements aside, if you really can't live without knowing my email address, click the text below this section. (I shouldn't have to point it out.)
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